Sunday, November 3, 2013


The AZ Ground Pounders had a great week hunting Coues Bucks.

Cash's Wife Holly Armstrong started the hunt off with a 110 2/8th buck on Saturday. She made the 180 yard shot with the .257 weatherby and killed her first Coues Buck. Great Job Holly!!!

The next day Steel made a great shot 460 yard shot to kill his buck. The buck scored just over 110 and has a base mass measurement that is over 6 inches.

Two days later Grandpa Ted  squeezed the trigger on the .300 Weatherby amd killed his biggest Coues Buck of his life.

On the last Day of the hunt Levi and Cash found two great bucks and got the job done. Levi made a great shot at 450 yards and killed his buck that scored just over 102".

Cash shot his buck at  570 yards. Cash's Buck scored 107 and 5/8th and finished off a great week of hunting for the AZ Ground Pounders Outfitters.