Monday, November 3, 2014


The AZ Ground Pounders had a great week hunting Coues Bucks.

Dana Armstrong started the week off with a great 660 yard shot on a 102 inch Buck. Congrats to Momma Ground Pounder on her biggest Coues Buck to Date!!

Dr. Hallman of Star Valley Veterinary Clinic connected on his biggest buck to date a 99 Incher.  Dr. Hallman made a great 310 yard shot with his .243 Super Short Mag. Congrats to Dr. Hallman!

Matt Martin made a great shot at 485 yards and put the hammer on his best Coues Buck.
Great Job Matt!!!

Waylon killed a 106 inch Coues Buck on the third day of the hunt on a 300 yard shot with his Powers Custom 7STW.

The Original AZ Ground Pounder Jimbo connected on his biggest buck to date and the Ground Pounders biggest typical Coues buck yet. Jimbo made a great 690 yard shot on the giant typical. The buck has unofficially grossed 136 and 6/8th. The big typical 3x3 had over 38 inches of mass and 20 inch Beams. Congrats Jimbo!!!