Saturday, December 26, 2015

2 Teenage Brothers + the AZ Ground Pounders = 799 Inches of Late Bull

Brothers Garon and Cole both drew the Late Bull tag and decided to hunt with the AZ Ground Pounders Outfitters. The first morning the decision paid off for the first time. Cash glassed a giant non typical triple brow bull. Cole waited for the bull to stand up and when the bull did Cole made his shot count. The bull scores 402 inches and has almost 70 inches of mass!! Congrats to Cole on an absolute stud bull!

Two days later the Ground Pounders struck again this time for Garon. Levi glassed a giant typical bull with a huge drop tine front. Garon made an incredible shot on the bull. Garon's bull scores 397 inches and has a 26 plus inch front. What a weekend of Late Bull hunting! The AZ Ground Pounders Outfitters want to thank Garon Sr for choosing the Ground Pounders Crew for Garon and Cole's hunt. We look forward to hunting with you guys again!


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  4. My boys did a great job on their and the guides did a great job on their end.

    The problem now is that Cash Armstrong won’t return my antlers. It has been a few years since we shot them. He’s been a very difficult and stubborn person to deal with. It’s unfortunate that we have to now do things like this to get the word out on him.

    In my opinion. Do not use Cash Armstrong.